I-V 08:00-20:00
VI 10:00-14:00 The work schedule changes depending on the schedule of specialists. Pre-registration is required
location Savanoriu av. 6A - 1005, Vilnius LT-03116

About us

Dear Clients,

Welcome to ‘‘Medicinos Klinika 1005’’!

We are committed to bringing You and Your family the best practitioners and clinial quality.

Our goal is a proactive approach in early detection of disorders and timely professional treatment.

Experienced staff offers healthcare services, including paediatric, adolescent, and adult care, for everyone in your family.

Services we provide at Medicinos klinika 1005:

Consultation and examination of allergist and clinical immunologist, dermatovenerologist, gynaecologist obstetrician, vascular surgeon, paediatric endocrinologist, diagnostic ultrasound specialist and others.

We also provide Diagnostic comprehensive spectrum of Laboratory services (Allergy tests: Skin prick tests, Skin patch tests, Blood tests; Clinical Biochemistry, Immunology tests; Microbiology tests; Pathology tests, General clinical tests and others).

We believe in a highly personalised approach to achieve the best and long term results.

We trust you will find our staff knowledgeable and friendly, and our services exceptional.



Giedrute Doveikiene, M.D. EMBA

Head, „Medicinos klinikos 1005“